mushroom growing kit

Do I need a mushroom growing kit?

Some people are desperately keen to try growing their own mushrooms but don’t necessarily like the sound of a kit. Why’s that? Well, here at Fresh Crop Mushrooms we are not entirely sure but we assume it is something to do with the connotations associated with ‘a kit’ including that of implying that somehow you […]

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Mushroom Growing Kit

Mushroom Cultivation – Top Tips for Getting Started

Here at Fresh Crop Mushrooms, we love to help people enjoy mushroom growing for themselves. However, if you are entirely new to mushroom cultivation, you may find the following tips useful: • Think about starting with a pre-prepared mushroom growing kit. These are by far the easiest way to get fast and usually guaranteed results. […]

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Oriental Black Mushrooms

Interesting Mushroom Nutritional Facts

“Health is wealth” is an old adage. Modern lifestyle has paved way for many health related issues at early age.  There is a noted increase in the number of young people suffering from cardiac arrests, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. Takeaway food, lack of exercise and erratic work schedules contribute to ill-effects on our health. […]

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