Nutritional & Medicinal Benefits of Mushrooms

After thousands of years of being treasured by people from across the Globe, Mushrooms are being recognised by scientists as a “Superfood”. Here is a small sample of the medicinal and nutritional benefits of eating mushrooms:



1. Mushrooms are available all year round. This means they come to you fresh and full of vitamins and antioxidants. In a society where much of our fresh food is kept in storage for months at a time, mushrooms stand out as genuinely “fresh from the farm”… All year round.

2. Mushrooms are a healthy substitute for meat. For people wanting to supplement their protein without eating meat, mushrooms provide a healthy alternative. They are delicious and easy to digest.

3. Mushrooms are free of cholesterol and fat. The perfect food for someone who is watching their weight. They are truly a healthy ingredient to include in any diet.

4. Mushrooms are high in dietary fibre, which is important to stimulate your digestive tract and help it to work effectively. Dietary fibre also encourages the presence of living bacteria in your intestines, slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates. Dietary fibre has even been associated with a decrease in the risk of getting stomach cancer. Mushrooms are high in vitamin D, a vitamin that’s importance cannot be underestimated. Every tissue in our bodies needs vitamin D and even mild vitamin D deficiencies have been associated with of a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes and multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, impaired immune competence, high blood pressure and even cancers.

5. Mushrooms are rich in anti-oxidants, essential for our body to combat oxidative stress it is bombarded with on a daily basis. Scientists have found that the majority of people do not get enough antioxidants in their regular diet and that lack of antioxidants has been linked to an increase in degenerative diseases.

6. They stimulate the immune system, giving us added protection against viruses and the common cold. Imagine not having to worry about getting the flu every year as friends and acquaintances drop like flies.

7. They are rich in Selenium. Selenium is an essential mineral and while you only need a small amount of it, selenium plays a key role in your metabolism. It also has strong antioxidant properties, protecting your cells from damage. It has even been linked with a reduction in prostate cancer.

8. Mushrooms are low in sodium. While you need some sodium to control blood pressure and blood volume, most people have too much of it in their diet, through the excess salt in our food. Excessive sodium works on your kidneys forcing your body to hold more water, which raises your blood pressure and puts strain on your kidneys, arteries, heart and brain.


Mushrooms are an essential part of any healthy diet!