Why Buy Mushrooms from Mushroom Suppliers in Australia

Many people have realized the nutritional value of mushrooms and have started making an effort to add them in their diet. Many foragers pick mushrooms growing in the wild and cook them. However this can be dangerous as some varieties of mushrooms are poisonous and can also lead to possible deaths. It is therefore important that you buy mushrooms from reputed mushroom suppliers in Australia.

There are several reasons why you must buy your mushrooms from recognized mushroom suppliers in Australia instead of just picking them from the wild side. Let us look at some of the most crucial reasons.

Mushroom Suppliers in Australia

    1. Nutritive value: Mushroom is a fungi and it grows freely and abundantly in moist and warm areas. Mushroom tends to absorb contents from the host environment to survive. So if a mushroom is grown is soil that is full of pesticides and insecticides, it is but natural that mushroom will absorb those pesticides and insecticides, which in turn will be absorbed by your gut when you consume them. Mushroom suppliers ensure that they grow mushrooms in appropriate environment which is devoid of harmful substances. If you want to retain the nutritive value of mushroom, you must therefore buy it from reputed suppliers.
    2. Non-poisonous: there are more than fourteen thousand varieties of mushrooms across the globe. Humans have not identified all of them yet. Out of the varieties of mushrooms identified, around hundred mushrooms fall into the poisonous categories.  As an amateur, you may not be able to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms. Consumption of poisonous varieties can permanently damage your vital organs especially your liver or they can even lead to death by internal bleeding. Mushroom suppliers have years of study at hand and they cultivate only those mushrooms that are safe to consume.  When you buy a mushroom from a local supplier, you can be sure about its authenticity and hence you can eat it peacefully.
    3. Local produce is always fresh: super markets are flooded with various imported mushrooms; however you need to understand that mushrooms do not have a long shelf life. They need to be stored in brown paper bags and ventilated containers to prevent them from turning squishy.  When you buy a mushroom that is not produced locally, you may not have longer shelf life. You will need to cook them same day or next day or they may turn mushy. Locally produced mushrooms on the other hand would give you longer storage time.  It is therefore best that you buy locally produced mushrooms only.


Next time you go for grocery shopping, don’t forget to check for locally grown mushrooms.  Don’t go on wild mushroom hunting unless you are an experienced forager.  Eat healthy and stay fit.

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