Top nutritional Facts About Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the basic foodstuffs and one which is extremely healthy.

For a start, they are pretty much entirely free of harmful fat and cholesterol plus they are very low in carbohydrates and calories.

Then there are the substances they contain, many of which may well have positive health benefits.  That includes a range of anti-oxidants, vitamins, nutrients and fibre. In the case of some essential vitamins and minerals, a single modest helping of mushrooms will provide on average about 20 per cent of your recommended daily requirement.

In western cultures, there is a tendency to think that this has all been discovered in the relatively recent past but in fact, Asian traditions have recognized the potential medicinal benefits of fungi for many thousands of years.

In some traditional Asian medicine, mushrooms play an important role and have done since almost the beginnings of recorded history.

Many of the recipes that we can offer you at Fresh Crop Mushrooms will assist you in obtaining some of the best nutritional and potentially medicinal benefits out of this fantastic natural bounty. That’s important because it is worth bearing in mind that the benefits of an absence of potentially unhealthy compounds in mushrooms, as a base foodstuff, can be undermined to some extent if you cook them with other ingredients (e.g. sauces) that are rich in those same substances!


Mushroom Nutritional Facts


Of course, this should not be interpreted as constituting qualified medical advice. If you have any health concerns, you should make sure that you consult a medical practitioner as soon as possible. Before going on any sort of diet that removes entire categories of foodstuffs from your daily food intake, it would also be sensible to take qualified medical opinion.

Just like any foodstuff, the nutritional value of mushrooms may be significantly higher in situations where they are cooked fresh. It’s also advisable, subject to your personal taste preferences, to avoid overcooking them. That can not only reduce some of the nutritional content value but can also sometimes destroy the superb texture and taste of the mushroom itself.

Finally, although some people will always claim that the wild mushrooms are the best of all, remember if you are picking wild fungi, that expertise and caution are essential.

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