Top 7 Tips to make success of your Mushroom Farming Business









So, you are looking at cultivated mushrooms professionally for commercial purposes and are seeking advice and guidance.

At Fresh Crop Mushrooms, we are experts in mushroom growing and mushroom recipes but we need to declare openly that we are not business development consultants!

If you are seriously considering a business investment or business development in this area, you should of course consult experts in things such as business funding, banking and opportunity analysis.


There are though a few tips we can share with you that you might find helpful.

Tip 1:

Be clear why you are doing it.  There is a huge difference between mushroom growing as a hobby and trying to obtain income from doing so. It’s hard work.

Tip 2:

Don’t underestimate your start-up costs.  If you are going to be commercially successful, mushroom farming is something you are going to have to do on a significant scale and you will need to produce large quantities of mushrooms.  It’s not going to work based upon a small garden at the back of your house and a shed.

Tip 3:

Make sure you know your markets. Although there may well be very real opportunities here, be certain you understand what your production costs are likely to be, how much you can sell your produce for and to whom.

Tip 4:

Assuming your finances permit you to do so, try to set up and run a modest pilot operation rather than trying to become the biggest mushroom farming business in Australia overnight.  Your risks will be smaller if you adopt a steady growth based upon experience approach.

Tip 5:

Study the science of mushroom cultivation and mushroom farming in some detail before you start to crystallise your ideas any further.  Some beginners make the mistake of assuming that growing mushrooms is easy whereas in fact it is anything but and requires considerable skills and expertise.

Tip 6:

Think about working in the business, in some capacity or another, before launching your own enterprise.  Not only will that reduce your risks and allow you to build up your knowledge base but some forms of commercial funding providers (e.g. the banks) may have some difficulties in lending to you to start a business you have no previous experience in or knowledge of.

Having said all that, good luck if you decide to go forward and hopefully you’ll make a success of your mushroom farming.

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