Mushroom Cultivation – Top Tips for Getting Started

Here at Fresh Crop Mushrooms, we love to help people enjoy mushroom growing for themselves.

However, if you are entirely new to mushroom cultivation, you may find the following tips useful:

• Think about starting with a pre-prepared mushroom growing kit. These are by far the easiest way to get fast and usually guaranteed results. It will give you a feeling for some of the basic techniques and will avoid you investing lots of time, money and effort upfront before you really know if it’s for you.

Mushroom Growing Kit

• Make sure you buy your mushroom cultivation kits from a reliable source. You will want to get the very best crops possible for the least amount of effort to begin with. Conducting post mortems after you have got a very small crop probably isn’t the ideal way to generate enthusiasm to keep going in future!

• If you decide you really enjoy it, start reading up more on the science behind it. There is actually rather more here than you might anticipate and it’s fascinating. Of course, it’s not necessarily everybody’s cup of tea and you may decide to stick with your mushroom cultivation kits going forward.

• Your kit will almost certainly come with instructions relating to how to get the best crops and those instructions will entail you keeping an eye on certain environmental issues. Take these seriously and follow them closely if you wish to avoid disappointment.

• The substrate you grow your mushrooms in needs to be sterile. Avoid thinking you can throw any old soil or compost in a bag, scatter some spores and away you go. At best your results will be unpredictable.

Mushroom cultivation

• Match your kit usage with some experimentation with mushroom recipes. Nothing tastes better than cropping and using your own mushrooms fresh in the pan but try to avoid those recipes your grandparents might have used which very possibly will ruin the delicate flavour of some types of mushroom through over-cooking. Instead, find modern recipes that will develop their flavour to the full.

Welcome though to your first efforts in mushroom cultivation and enjoy yourself!

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