Interesting Mushroom Nutritional Facts

“Health is wealth” is an old adage. Modern lifestyle has paved way for many health related issues at early age.  There is a noted increase in the number of young people suffering from cardiac arrests, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. Takeaway food, lack of exercise and erratic work schedules contribute to ill-effects on our health. People often wonder what dietary changes should be made to improve their health. Different diets and wonder foods have emerged in market to counter health issues.

Mushrooms are one of the wonder foods in every health enthusiast’s list. A look at Mushroom nutritional facts can probably justify the reason for the same.  There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms that grow across the globe. Not all of these varieties are known to man-kind. Few varieties of mushrooms can be poisonous and fatal. Organically cultivated mushrooms can be extremely beneficial to our health. Here are some of the most important mushroom nutritional facts that every health enthusiast must know.

Oriental Black Mushrooms

  1. Medicinal abilities: – mushrooms have been used for centuries in Asian cuisine. Mushroom extracts are considered to be potent medicines for joint inflammatory disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis. Mushrooms are also considered to be cooling agents and hence are used for preventing acidity and stomach ulcers.
  2. It can help reduce or prevent tumours: – Popular varieties of mushrooms like Shiitake, Oyster and cremini mushrooms are known to be high in Selenium. Selenium is a compound that can fight tumours. This compound restricts the growth of tumours and thereby prevents them from spreading throughout the body.
  3. Combats viruses and bacteria: – Mushrooms are high in Terpenoids. Terpenoids are active compounds that enhance the immune system of your body. These compounds actively combat bacterial and viral infections.
  4. Rich in Vitamins: vitamins are essential in our day to day diet for normal functioning of our body. Mushrooms are rich source of Vitamin D, vitamin A and Vitamin B. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones whereas Vitamin B namely Riboflavin and Niacin play an important role in smooth functioning of our nervous system. A cup full of mushrooms can easily help you in managing your vitamin dosage for the day.
  5. Rich source of Antioxidants: – Anti-oxidants are important for all of us. Anti-oxidants enable our body to function smoothly by eliminating the presence of free radicals. Free radicals interfere with normal digestive process and can often lead to stomach ulcers, indigestion etc.  Mushrooms are rich source of anti-oxidants hence it is essential to include them in your daily diet.
  6. Helps beat constipation: – Mushrooms contain a lot of fibre and they are absolutely fat free.  They are ideal for people who are keen on losing weight. Mushrooms also contain compounds that reduce your cholesterol levels.  You can therefore easily manage your weight and combat issues like constipation with the help of mushrooms.

Benefits of mushrooms are endless. It is important that you buy mushrooms from reputed local suppliers instead of foraging for them. Organically cultivated mushrooms are ideal for consumption as they are high on nutritive value.