4 Top Tips to Clean Mushrooms

clean mush

clean mushrrom






Freshness Tip 1 -:

Never Wash Mushrooms unless you are ready to cook them. 

Freshness Tip 2 :

 Never wrap Mushrooms on a plastic bag. Instead, use a mushroom bag or paper bag or place them in a plate covered with a paper towel and refrigerate it. 

Freshness Tip 3 :

 Before using mushroom for cooking, clean and wipe off the soil on the surface of mushrooms with damp paper towel or with a soft wet pastry brush. You can use unused Toothbrush if you don’t have pastry brush.

Freshness Tip 4 :

Dried mushrooms need to be cleaned too and then rehydrated before using. Take glass bowl, add sufficient lukewarm water to cover and soak dried mushroom for 20-30 mins. Now take out the mushrooms from the bowl using a slotted spoon and filter the liquid to remove any soil/sediments. Retain the filtered liquid to use as stock to boost the overall flavour.


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