Do You Think Mushroom Farming is Easy?

At Fresh Crop Mushrooms, we occasionally hear members of the public making statements to the effect that “mushroom farming must be easy”.

If only that were true!

It is the case that many varieties of mushrooms are relatively easy to grow once you have got the substrate (soil) right for them to grow in and obtain nutrition from. Though it may appear in nature as if mushrooms will spontaneously spring up just about anywhere, for humans, producing the right growing conditions and growing medium can be something a little more challenging.

Of course, different types of mushrooms require different conditions. Some, with small white button mushrooms being perhaps the best known example, are relatively straightforward to grow once you get the growing medium correct. Other more exotic varieties need specific humidity and light conditions before they will really generate the best-tasting specimens.


Mushroom farming


Preparing the substrate for commercial use can be a fairly lengthy process.

It’s specially prepared using a range of ingredients and then typically put into a pasteurization environment for several days. When it’s finally ready, mushroom spawn is placed into it and that is then left for roughly another two weeks in order for its root system to fully develop.

If you thought that was it, you’d be wrong!

At that stage, another layer is typically put on top and the whole lot then put to one side for the mushrooms to grow for perhaps yet another seven days. As touched on above, with some species there may be specific other environmental conditions that need to be put into place around the same time.

In the case of mushroom growing kits, much of the above work has already been done for you.

However, as you can see, it takes a lot of background work and expertise to get the mushrooms in a mushroom growing kit to a position where they are just ‘ready to go’.

So, it’s hard work – but it’s rewarding and we love doing it.

We’d be only too happy to help you learn more about mushrooms, their growing and how they can be used to enhance your diet.

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