Do I need a mushroom growing kit?

Some people are desperately keen to try growing their own mushrooms but don’t necessarily like the sound of a kit.

Why’s that?

Well, here at Fresh Crop Mushrooms we are not entirely sure but we assume it is something to do with the connotations associated with ‘a kit’ including that of implying that somehow you haven’t really “done it properly”. It’s perhaps similar to some model makers who like to make the models entirely from scratch and don’t like pieces coming in bags ready for assembly.

The answer to the main question above is ‘no’, you do not necessarily need a mushroom growing kit in order to start growing and cropping your own mushrooms. You could try and do it entirely from scratch, including making your own substrate (soil), obtaining spores, inoculating your substrate and so on.

mushroom growing kit It’s all perfectly possible and with research, a little education and the acquisition of some basic materials, it might well be something that is attractive to you.

However, don’t forget that the mushroom growing kit has certain advantages, particularly for the absolute beginner.

As we have said elsewhere on our site, it is always nice to begin any new hobby with some form of success. Doing things yourself when growing mushrooms is a surprisingly skilled business and it sometimes takes a lot of practice before you will get things right.

Now if you know at the outset that mushroom growing is for you, then fair enough. On the other hand, if this is something new you are exploring and you are not entirely sure how you will see it after the passage of some time, it might be more sensible and certainly more cost-effective to start off with a mushroom growing kit.

The expenditure is relatively modest and it will give you an idea of what’s involved. As you might expect, we sincerely hope you do take to the hobby and wish you the best of success but we’d also like to see you avoid spending money unnecessarily.

So, try a mushroom growing kit – you can always decide to do the whole cycle yourself in future.

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