Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Mushrooms for Skin

mushroomMushrooms are used widely in Asian cuisine.  Western countries have also started experimenting with various types of mushrooms owing to their health benefits. Mushrooms grow in wild and usually sustain on decayed matter or on barks of trees. Mushrooms are extremely sensitive to light and hence they need to be stored carefully. Some of the most popular varieties of mushroom are button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. These two variants are widely used in various sauces. It is important that you buy proteins from a reputed source because some varieties may be extremely poisonous.  There are several health benefits associated with Mushrooms. Let us look at benefits of mushrooms for the skin.

1. Lightens your skin: mushrooms of certain varieties contain kojic acid which works in reducing the melanin content in your skin. Reduction of melanin helps in lightening your skin. Kojic acid helps in eliminating the debris of dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin thereby adding a surreal glow to your skin. Eating mushrooms can be therefore a great alternative to topical creams that contain harmful skin lightening agents. So eat a cup full of mushrooms a day to lighten your skin naturally.

2. Protects your skin: mushrooms are rich in anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are helpful in restricting free radicals in the skin. Restriction of free radicals helps in eliminating inflammation, acne and stress lines. You could also use mushroom extracts to treat inflammations like eczema and psoriasis. Mushroom extracts are often a main ingredient in anti-inflammatory skin creams.

3. Prevent and Treat Acne: acne is often caused by excess oil production by the skin glands. This oil gets trapped in the dead cells causing sebum. Mushroom has high quantity of vitamin D and other anti-oxidants that curb the excessive oil production. Eating a cup full of shiitake mushrooms everyday can help you to keep acne at the bay. Mushroom extracts are also used in several anti-acne creams.

4. Anti-ageing properties: Chinese medicines contain high amount of trumpet mushroom extracts. Asian medics firmly believe that mushrooms are fountain of eternal youth. High amounts of selenium in mushroom have anti-aging properties. Regular intake of mushrooms can help you to eliminate the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Fibre content in mushroom aids digestion and help in flushing toxins out of the system. This keeps your skin fresh and firm. Similarly mushrooms are high in water content. Consumption of mushrooms enhances the water content in your body and hydrates your skin from within. Hydrated skin looks nourished and plump. You can thereby look vigorous and healthy by including mushroom in your daily diet.

Consumption of mushroom extracts in small quantities can easily meet your day to day nutritive requirement.  If mushroom extracts are not easily available in your neighbourhood then you could use fresh mushrooms in salads, sauces and snacks.

Last but not the least, do not overcook mushrooms as they may turn slushy. Over cooking also destroy the water content in mushrooms reducing their nutritive value.  Now that you know the benefits of mushrooms for your skin you could use various mushroom recipes to incorporate mushrooms in your diet

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