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  • Black Fungi Mushrooms Recipe

    Rice Noodles Filled With Pork
    & Black Fungi Mushrooms

  • Mixed-Exotic-Mushrooms-Chicken-Noodle-Soup

    Mixed Exotic Mushrooms
    Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Mushroom-Omelet

  • Steamed Baked Exotic Mushrooms
    with Atlantic Salmon

  • Mixed Exotic Mushrooms with Red Curry

  • Marinated-Shimeji-Mushroom-300x260

    Marinated Shimeji Mushroom Prawn
    & Avocado Cocktail


    Enoki Mushroom & Antipasto Salad

  • Shiitake Mushroom & Chicken Risotto

    Shiitake Mushroom & Chicken Risotto