Facts About Mushroom – Health Benefits of Mushroom

From The Plates Of Gods To Your Kitchen; Why You Should Love Mushrooms More

Four thousand six hundred years ago, mushrooms were called plants of immortality. During this era, ancient people had a belief that mushrooms had properties which could give them super strength and powers. Back then, the Pharaohs of Egypt decreed that mushrooms were foods exclusive only for the royals and no commoner could even touch them.

The great news is, you live in a time where you don’t have to be Pharaoh or a High Priest of Every Temple just to taste the goodness of your favorite mushroom recipes.


mushroom nutritional facts

Mushroom Nutritional Chart


Not Quite Super Strength, But Ultimate Health Benefits of Mushroom

No one could prove if mushrooms really gave ancient kings the power and strength they claimed in history books. Yet, if you were to fast forward to the present, mushrooms have become an incredibly influential food, found almost in every consumer’s kitchen and believed to deliver great health benefits.

Often referred as superfoods, mushrooms are often used as a healthy alternative to meat. As a matter of fact, about 80% of Australian households regularly eat fresh mushrooms. It is not just the taste that makes people love mushrooms; a number of recent studies show that daily consumption of mushrooms has a positive impact on our health.

Mushroom Health Benefits


For more than 3000 years now, mushrooms have been used in Asian countries for medicinal purposes but it was not until recently that the rest of the world awakened by the fact that they really offer some amazing health benefits. Results of recent studies show that mushrooms have compounds that can boost the intestinal flora and inhibit the growth of tumors. Terpenoids (sometimes called as isoprenoids), a substance found in mushrooms can also help kill viruses and bacterias.

Aside from the fact that they are flavour-rich, mushroom also contains antioxidants. A single serving of mushroom gives you more than 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake of riboflavin, biotin, selenium, copper and other essential nutrients such as pantothenic acid and niacin. Other reasons mushrooms are loved by so many Australians are because they’re completely free of fats and cholesterol, low in calories and carbohydrates and are rich in fiber….so essential in any diet and often missing in fast foods! Truly, mushrooms are a great food specially for those people who are trying to keep fit.

Mushrooms are indeed an exceptional food, one that must not be missing on your family’s daily meals!