Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms are popularly known as Enokitake mushrooms or Enokidake mushrooms.

Enoki mushrooms are popularly known as Enokitake mushrooms or Enokidake mushrooms. Chinese know this mushroom as Jingu whereas Koreans call it “paengi beoseot”. It is also known as “Tram Vang” or “Kim Cham” in Vietnam.

These mushrooms derive their name from hackberry tree. Hackberry tree is known as Enoki in Chinese. These mushrooms grow abundantly on stems of hackberry tree. Wildly grown mushrooms have thick stems and are usually light brownish or golden in colour. Cultivated mushrooms are milky white and they have long and slender stems with small caps on top. These mushrooms resemble white flames and they grow in clusters. Cultivated mushrooms are also known as golden needle mushrooms or lily mushrooms whereas wild grown mushrooms are known as velvet stem, velvet foot or winter mushrooms owing to their texture and colour.


Enoki mushrooms hold a permanent place in Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. These mushrooms are primarily used in appetizers and soups. Their crispy and firm texture also makes them a good ingredient for fresh salads. These mushrooms can be easily refrigerated for a week.

Enoki Mushrooms Health Benefits

Experts recommend consumption of cultivated enoki mushrooms instead of wild mushrooms. Cultivated Enoki mushrooms derive their colour from carbon di-oxide rich environment. Since these mushrooms are never exposed to light they remain milky white. Enoki mushrooms are being tested for their medicinal uses. These mushrooms are high in anti-oxidants like Ergothioneine. These anti-oxidants are responsible for curbing the formation of free radicals in the body. Nutritionists recommend Enoki mushrooms for people who are combating obesity or cardiac issues because of its nutritional value.

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