Cremini Mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are the strain of white button mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are the strain of white button mushrooms. As the white button mushroom starts maturing, it starts turning darker. Cremini mushrooms are light brown or golden in colour and they have the same structure that of white button mushrooms. Cremini mushrooms have a firm cap with yellowish greyish fins or gills underneath.  The cap is attached to a thick stem and may start opening slightly. Cremini mushrooms are also popularly known as baby Portobello, baby Bella, mini Bella, portabellini, Roman mushroom, Italian mushroom, or brown mushroom. The scientific name for Cremini mushrooms is Agaricus bisporus. It is grown in almost seventy countries around the globe. Annual production of Cremini mushrooms is known to be about 1.5 million tons in late nineties. These 70 countries produce Cremini mushrooms worth $ 2 billion every year.


Cremini Mushroom


Cremini mushrooms can be grown in almost all conditions. They grow abundantly in grassy area or in a field.  They are available throughout the year. These mushrooms have slightly larger cap than their white button counter parts. Opening of the cap signifies the onset of maturity cycle of the mushroom. These mushrooms are mild flavoured. They have an earthy and meaty texture. This meaty texture makes them a popular choice for grilled dishes or stuffed dishes. These mushrooms can withstand great amount of heat and hence are also preferred in baked dishes. These mushrooms can be added to sauces, soups and other casserole dishes too. 

Cremini Mushrooms Health Benefits

Cremini mushrooms are high in anti-oxidants and hence are easy to digest.